The Diabetic Show! with Mark & Dobie

The MOST important thing to remember is, you are NOT alone.  At last count, almost 30 Million people deal with diabetes on a daily basis, with millions more yet to be diagnosed.  These links will connect you to great forums, people, food, and life in general.  This is just a basic list, so share YOUR links with us and we’ll post them here.

~ American Diabetes Association  You have to start with the Big Kahuna, the organization that has overseen this disease since 1940.

~ Diabetes Daily Forum  Here’s a GREAT resource for your day to day existance.  It’s one of those places where you can ask ANY diabetic question you have and get a good number of responses.  Also, thight control of the users, so no cyber-jerks to harass you, which is nice.

~  Hundreds of thousands of replies to just about any question you could think of.  Easy to read, nicely put together forum.

~ diaTribe  Excellent resoucre for product reviews, ideas about living with diabetes, and a good all around sassy attitude by the authors there.

~  At any given moment, there are 100’s of people contributing to this forum, so, you’ll see a large assortment of subject matter.

~  A great site for getting ideas for what to cook when you are counting carbs.


A clinical trial is a way to carefully test a new drug or device in patients before it is approved by the FDA to be used in the general public. Clinical trials are an important step in our being able to have new treatments for diabetes and other conditions.

The American Diabetes Association is currently a large partner providing support to a number of clinical studies and initiatives.